Thursday, September 23, 2010


I am jocelan and i want to keep a journal of the house that me and my husband and my mother are making. Now lots have happened already with my talk of finding the perfect contractor lead to many hard decisions but we are now decided on someone that my father in law knew. His name is Lanson Foster and his company is Lanstone homes which is a new company he made after working 10 years in the industry for other companiew.

the plan?
I love my townhome in the woods of burnaby but with a growing family i know we will need more room and plus my mom's house in much closer to downtown where we work, so goodbye long commute!

Right now we have already got the financing from the bank and just met yesterday with bob the house designer the second time and i am happy with the house design. He has to make the changes but here is the first version we got. There is another floor but for the rental suite as well.


  1. not sure if the current house is bigger than the proposed new one. but if the new house is going to be smaller...not sure if u r aware that u can keep the existing footprint of the current house and gut the inside and out and have a new house with the old foot print which will be a bigger house.

    my friend did that. if they torn down the old house, the new house would have been smaller...i was inside their "new house" with the old footprint and u could never guess it was the same footprint with a new house.

    ask the architect that option...

  2. Jealous. I wanna build a house. But where I could afford to build, I wouldn't want to live, heh.