Monday, May 30, 2011

Rounding Third...

and heading home!!

In 4 weeks to be exact!!!

I know long time no blogpost but with selling the townhome we got really busy !!

We have lots to add since last post.

Paint is on, lights are installed (mostly) , Flooring including tile installed, Doors, molding,
Cabinets and countertops.

The laminate on the rental was installed by Jayson and his dad and mom! We also decided to install the closets ourselves, which should be fun!

 The house has dark red a red wine colour. 
All the house is coloured after food.

Xen's Bedroom closet doors. 

Granite countertops in the kitchen.

Kitchen with dark bottom counters and white on top which was a big risk that i think pays off!

 The dining room chandelier which i got half off at Pine Lighting.

Bedroom with a dropped ceiling and robin egg blue colour.

Hallway shelf in the corner.

Kids Bathroom with fun checkered tile floor.

Bedroom with door to ensuite and walk in closet. 

The downstairs rental suite kitchen. Pretty huge !!

Well that's all for now.
Really not much to do except get a couple more appliances this weekend for the rental suite and get the rest of the appliances from the storage.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Drywall dust is in the air!

 The Drywall stage was very encouraging! I suddenly felt like it was a home when you don't see the framework anymore or the electric wires hanging everywhere. Plus it was a whole lot less drafty!

 The Hardyboard we ordered is being put onto the garage this week! You can see the colour we choose finally! It is a bit hard to see in the light here but it is a dark red colour. In person it seems like more of a burgundy in the light. I was worried it would be too bright but i am happy with the colour!
You can also see the window is actually like a mini greenhouse, it sticks out and has a shelf for plants.
The door on the garage is from jays's dad who works at Centra Windows, this one has a blind on the inside the glass.

Mostly the house is actually not been on our mind as much as getting my current house ready to be listed up for sale! May 9th we are listing! EEEEEE!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


The stage of Lock up is now upon us!

This means all the windows and doors are in and the doors are locked so not just anyone can saunter in anymore! There is lots more going on the inside of the house too ; The Furnace and Plumbing are installed and all electrical and Internet cables are in. A layer of foam padding is put in the basement floor for added insulation. Shower and Bathtubs are in too and the lighting is also ready for lights to be installed as well.  It really is starting to feel like home and this weekend we saw they are already installing the insulation and it really makes a huge difference.

Our biggest hurdle this week was deciding the kitchen cabinets..we have gone back and forth so many times between granite and laminate countertops for budget reasons mainly. However we have found a way to get the granite instead of a custom colour for the cabinets. I cannot believe how stressed we were over that whole thing but i think if the kitchen looks good it is worth it in the end!

So here is some pics so far ( sorry for the blurry pics it is from a cellphone ) The huge trees outside are fully in bloom with light pink cherry blossoms as it is every time this year. As for the house, the tar paper is up and this means the outside boards will be next! I won't tell what colour will just have to wait :D

This is the back of the house you can see that there is a big empty lot next to us and it because our neighboring house has also been demolished this week..copycats! haha no it was recently sold and i was hoping it would be torn down, it was really rundown and over run by rodents and pidgeons we are all super happy about that!

All this and we are renovating our townhome like crazy to sell it in May which is weeks away!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Stained Glass Door Project

So this is the progress report so far! We have 2 pieces of stained glass that we reaped from the main street antique stores this one above is of candles and is in perfect condition, the longer one below is for above the door and it magically fit the space perfectly! Jayson saw that one on his walk to work everyday and when there happened to be a sale he picked it up pronto!

So this is at Centra ( Jayson's dad works at a window shop) The glass is cleaned and prepped.

Then here is the glass all framed and ready to be installed! 

This pic is a bit low res as it was a sell phone pic of the rest of the door all ready, Jay went on weekends to stain the door and help install the windows with  his dad. If you can't tell in the pic it is a nice mahogony stain..should looks nice with the countrylane red we chose to do the outside of the house in

Finally here is the house , you can't see from this angle but the roof is on and vents are in.
The upstairs window is xen's bedroom, the bottom is the living room and the octogon window is the kid's bathroom.

This is the back view of the house, the door is in the middle and the left window is the kitchen, the right is the laundry room and upstairs is our bedroom.

Tomorrow is our walkabout to approve electric and cabinetry. I will post the pics with the door and windows  next week hopefully!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

i made my house of wood..plywood that is.

Now firstly these pics are from a week ago so there is more framing up to the second floor!
I hope i can come by and take pictures but these ones are from Jayson's camera.
Things are going so fast it is most likely we are going to be on time or even early at this rate.

 We went to Splashes last week for plumbing fixtures, most of what we picked is nothing to write about, just the usual chrome style but i did pick out this nice faucet with ceramic handles for our ensuite, which i really like.We were trying to get some stuff from home depot as well but we just learned that everything has to be CSA approved and almost nothing at home depots is CSA approved because it is made overseas!! :(

This morning i was not really looking forward to the meeting with the interior designer because we have such a small budget i thought we would have like no real selection but i was wrong!
Dana at Exclusive Designs  had some really nice laminate floors and tile and carpet choices that will look really high end and we are all pleasantly surprised what nice stuff our budget could get!!

The funny thing is i was dreading the carpet we had to put on the stairs so to stay to budget but the one she found is my most favorite thing we chose today! Pics to come!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Well long time with nothing really to report the last month, but this month things are picking up.
The house went down this week and next week excavation is staring up. We were at the bank today because we are getting a line of credit to replace the mortgage on our townhome and this morning we had a preconstuction  meeting with Lanson Foster our Contractor.

So here are some pics!

all gone!