Saturday, February 12, 2011

i made my house of wood..plywood that is.

Now firstly these pics are from a week ago so there is more framing up to the second floor!
I hope i can come by and take pictures but these ones are from Jayson's camera.
Things are going so fast it is most likely we are going to be on time or even early at this rate.

 We went to Splashes last week for plumbing fixtures, most of what we picked is nothing to write about, just the usual chrome style but i did pick out this nice faucet with ceramic handles for our ensuite, which i really like.We were trying to get some stuff from home depot as well but we just learned that everything has to be CSA approved and almost nothing at home depots is CSA approved because it is made overseas!! :(

This morning i was not really looking forward to the meeting with the interior designer because we have such a small budget i thought we would have like no real selection but i was wrong!
Dana at Exclusive Designs  had some really nice laminate floors and tile and carpet choices that will look really high end and we are all pleasantly surprised what nice stuff our budget could get!!

The funny thing is i was dreading the carpet we had to put on the stairs so to stay to budget but the one she found is my most favorite thing we chose today! Pics to come!!