Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Stained Glass Door Project

So this is the progress report so far! We have 2 pieces of stained glass that we reaped from the main street antique stores this one above is of candles and is in perfect condition, the longer one below is for above the door and it magically fit the space perfectly! Jayson saw that one on his walk to work everyday and when there happened to be a sale he picked it up pronto!

So this is at Centra ( Jayson's dad works at a window shop) The glass is cleaned and prepped.

Then here is the glass all framed and ready to be installed! 

This pic is a bit low res as it was a sell phone pic of the rest of the door all ready, Jay went on weekends to stain the door and help install the windows with  his dad. If you can't tell in the pic it is a nice mahogony stain..should looks nice with the countrylane red we chose to do the outside of the house in

Finally here is the house , you can't see from this angle but the roof is on and vents are in.
The upstairs window is xen's bedroom, the bottom is the living room and the octogon window is the kid's bathroom.

This is the back view of the house, the door is in the middle and the left window is the kitchen, the right is the laundry room and upstairs is our bedroom.

Tomorrow is our walkabout to approve electric and cabinetry. I will post the pics with the door and windows  next week hopefully!