Sunday, April 10, 2011


The stage of Lock up is now upon us!

This means all the windows and doors are in and the doors are locked so not just anyone can saunter in anymore! There is lots more going on the inside of the house too ; The Furnace and Plumbing are installed and all electrical and Internet cables are in. A layer of foam padding is put in the basement floor for added insulation. Shower and Bathtubs are in too and the lighting is also ready for lights to be installed as well.  It really is starting to feel like home and this weekend we saw they are already installing the insulation and it really makes a huge difference.

Our biggest hurdle this week was deciding the kitchen cabinets..we have gone back and forth so many times between granite and laminate countertops for budget reasons mainly. However we have found a way to get the granite instead of a custom colour for the cabinets. I cannot believe how stressed we were over that whole thing but i think if the kitchen looks good it is worth it in the end!

So here is some pics so far ( sorry for the blurry pics it is from a cellphone ) The huge trees outside are fully in bloom with light pink cherry blossoms as it is every time this year. As for the house, the tar paper is up and this means the outside boards will be next! I won't tell what colour will just have to wait :D

This is the back of the house you can see that there is a big empty lot next to us and it because our neighboring house has also been demolished this week..copycats! haha no it was recently sold and i was hoping it would be torn down, it was really rundown and over run by rodents and pidgeons we are all super happy about that!

All this and we are renovating our townhome like crazy to sell it in May which is weeks away!!