Sunday, May 1, 2011

Drywall dust is in the air!

 The Drywall stage was very encouraging! I suddenly felt like it was a home when you don't see the framework anymore or the electric wires hanging everywhere. Plus it was a whole lot less drafty!

 The Hardyboard we ordered is being put onto the garage this week! You can see the colour we choose finally! It is a bit hard to see in the light here but it is a dark red colour. In person it seems like more of a burgundy in the light. I was worried it would be too bright but i am happy with the colour!
You can also see the window is actually like a mini greenhouse, it sticks out and has a shelf for plants.
The door on the garage is from jays's dad who works at Centra Windows, this one has a blind on the inside the glass.

Mostly the house is actually not been on our mind as much as getting my current house ready to be listed up for sale! May 9th we are listing! EEEEEE!

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